CCA Comments on Amendment 32 and the Generic ACL/AM Amendment

Posted on May 26, 2011

CCA believes that the comment process for Amendment 32 and the ACL/AM Amendment was seriously flawed. We understand the legal requirements that are at work and are forcing the Council to operate this way to meet looming deadlines. However, the angling public has been put into a difficult position as the final hearing documents on this amendment and the even more complex Annual Catch Limit/Accountability Measures were not posted until just a few days before the public hearings were scheduled to begin.

This process, which as you know involves hundreds and hundreds of pages of documents on these issues, is not conducive to allowing stakeholders to develop informed decisions on the options presented here, options that could have serious implications on the public’s ability to access these public resources in the future. This process threatens to damage any faith that the recreational angling community may have that the Council is sincere in its efforts to gather and utilize meaningful input from us.
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