CCA's Position on Marine Protected Areas/No Fishing Zones

Posted on October 01, 2001



CCA will fight to protect access for recreational fishermen to healthy marine resources. Marine Protected Areas/No Fishing Zones should never be considered unless…

  •  There is a clear indication that recreational fishermen are the cause of a specific conservation problem and that less severe conservation measures, such as gear restrictions, possession limits, size restrictions, quotas, or closed seasons will not adequately address the targeted conservation problem.


  •  The closed-area regulation includes specific, measurable criteria to determine the conservation benefit of the closed area on the affected stocks of fish and provides a timetable for periodic review of the continued need for the closed area at least once every three years.


  •  The closed area is no larger than that which is supported by the best available science.


  • Provision is made to reopen the closed area to recreational fishing whenever the targeted conservation problem no longer exists.