CCA welcomes bass anglers for saltwater conservation

New online advocacy system provides opportunities for recreational anglers nationwide to contact their legislators

Posted on June 17, 2015

Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) commends the creation of Bass Anglers for Saltwater Conservation (BASC), a new online advocacy system that allows fishing enthusiasts to write, call, or tweet their legislators through prewritten engagements online.  The official BASC site launch was announced on June 1 by B.A.S.S.

“This is a critical time for anglers everywhere to raise a unified voice, and Bass Anglers for Saltwater Conservation provides a great tool to do just that,” said Patrick Murray, president of Coastal Conservation Association.  “Anglers, whether they fish in salt or fresh water, understand their responsibility to not only create healthy marine resources but also ensure anglers’ access to them, and those are the universal concepts being championed through BASC.”

By accessing Bass Anglers for Saltwater Conservation,, fishing enthusiasts can simply fill out their constituent information, and contact their legislators through the method they chose.  BASC then automatically identifies the appropriate legislators and provides users with talking points for a call, a prewritten letter, or even a prewritten tweet based on the user’s preferences.

Bass Anglers for Saltwater Conservation provides a simple, easy-to-use tool for anglers across the nation to make their voices heard on timely issues, such as the reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Act, which is the overarching law managing the nation’s marine fisheries, and the arbitrary decision to close more than 10,000 acres of Biscayne National Park to fishing. 

“ is a unique tool for anglers to convey their views on everything from the economics of recreational angling to the allocation of our wildlife resources,” said Murray. “Our elected officials are not always aware of how large and active the recreational angling community really is, and this new system is a great way for anglers to make an impact on decision-makers.”

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