Thank you, Governors, from the members of CCA

Posted on November 12, 2009


CCA recently asked the Gulf state governors to voice their concerns over a rapidly expanding federal program for managing fisheries called a catch-share program, and Gov. Perry of Texas, Gov. Jindal of Louisiana, Gov. Barbour of Mississippi and Gov. Riley of Alabama responded by signing a letter to U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke. The letter signed by the governors was a powerful gesture on behalf of recreational anglers, and recreational anglers have responded with an outpouring of appreciation for the leadership shown by the Gulf governors:
Unfortunately, I don't always take the time to recognize the efforts of our public officials for their policy or legislative actions; however, I wanted to make sure and do so in this particular case  I have very small children who love to fish the Texas Gulf Coast and bay systems with me and it would be a crime if this opportunity were to become limited or prohibited. Thanks again for taking a stand for your constituents.  Very much appreciated and best of luck in the upcoming race.  I will certainly be voting for you!
Joe C.
I am very proud of you for taking a stance for your fellow Texans. Thank you again for your efforts, for they are being recognized up and down the Texas coast.
Chad S.
The 'American dream' includes the pursuit of happiness. Recreational angling fulfills this for many of us. To systematically exclude a majority of the population from a natural resource is contradictory to the guarantee of this right. Your involvement in this process is greatly appreciated. Have a Merry Christmas and may God bless you, your home, and your administration.
Jimmy S.
As a longtime Costal Conservation Association member, State and National Board member I applaud you for supporting the recreational fishermen and women of Texas.
Thomas B.
I live on the coast and fish 2 or 3 times a week, Your support for this issue has reinforced my belief that you are a stand up guy and one hell of a governor.
Russell K.
Thanks for supporting recreational fishermen by aiding in opposing "catch shares".  Although recreational fishermen may not have the organization and clout that the commercial groups have, we know that we do the most to aid the economy through the purchase of boats, motors and other equipment.  Please continue your support.
Robert H.
I wanted to personally thank you for your support of CCA and the issues that all of us hold dear.
John G.
I am an avid recreational fisherman and please know how much I appreciate the position you have taken on this issue as well as other issues which threaten our right to public resources. We must pass this valuable resource to our children and grandchildren.
David K.
I totally stand behind the governors and agree that the recreational fishing has been impacted enough and needs to be left alone to enjoy.
James T.
It is with pleasure to write you for the positive action you took for regular people like me. You can certainly count on my support in the up coming election.
Bryan M.
We will continue to support you just as you have supported us.  It's too bad there are not more public employees willing to take a stand on behalf of the people of this nation want.
Ronnie J.
It is refreshing to see someone stand up for what is right.  You can be proud of this position.  Thank You.
Raymond J.
Thank you so very much for your support.  In this day and time we common sense people have to stick together to battle the current federal administration.  We ask you to please stay with us in fighting this battle.  In doing so our support will follow you
Don F.
We need more advocates like you. Good luck in your re-election campaign. You have this grand dad's vote.
Bob M.
It's a great day in Texas to have a Governor that stands up for his anglers ! Keep up the good work.
Roger N.
On behalf of my children and grandchildren, thank you, Gov. Perry for sticking up for the recreational angler. It seems every time we turn around we face another attack. I know you are busy, but I hope you can stay with this issue.
Michael P.
I am a recreational fisherman and I strongly believe that recreational fishing is an economic plus for Texas.  Texas has great saltwater fishing and it needs to be protected, if for no other reason than the economy of our great state.
Ron H.
Having been a resident of the Gulf Coast all of my life, and having been active in the Texas middle coast recreational fishing industry in the late '70s as a charter boat captain, I've seen first hand how a fishery can be depleted...and then recover due to a concerned public giving value to the resource.  Enter GCCA, now CCA, who I single handedly credit as the biggest benefactor of the marine environment and ecosystem.
Peter V.
Please continue the fight for recreational anglers.  Lastly, I am confident the recreational anglers result in far more public sector jobs and put millions of more dollars into the Texas and USA economy than commercial harvesting operations.
Frank W.
I am an avid Texas fisherman and long time member and supporter of the CCA. Thank you in advance for your continued support on this important issue for all current and future Texas fisherman.
Randall M.
I will continue to support you as you have supported what is right for Texans.
Dean E.
It's very nice to have someone stand up for citizens on any issue. I support you and others like you. We appreciate all you do and will express it on election day!
James J.
As an avid recreational angler I want to thank you for standing up for a cause that is so important to so many families in the gulf states. The resources we have are limited and I believe that history has shown that the recreational angler is by far the best steward of these resources. You have my support in the fight to keep the federal government out of what has always been an issue best left in the hands of the people of the state of Texas.
Michael B.
Having a Governor that will defend the rights of those that enjoy hunting and fishing is very important to me.  I want to be able to pass down these traditions to my children, grandchildren etc. Now more than ever we need strong conservative leaders willing to stand up against an overzealous federal government.  You can count on my support if you continue to show those characteristics like you did when you wrote this letter.
Scott V.
I support you in your re-election campaign and I appreciate the way that you have stood up to the Federal Government for the people of Texas and for Texas Sportsmen. Please keep up the good work!
Allen H.
As a resident of the great state of Texas, and a member of the CCA for a number of years, I want to confirm my support of your current stance on the "catch shares" programs, as evidenced by your letter of 22 October 2009 to Gary Locke. Don't let political pressure sway you from your current course of action.
Mark D.
We, the public, appreciate very much when our Governor takes a stand for the every day fisherman and not just big business.
Doug O.
Thanks for supporting CCA, the true voice of reason for the fisheries of the Gulf Coast.
Jess B.
I appreciate all that you have done for our state during your terms as governor of our great state and especially where recreation is concerned.
William Y.
Recreational fishing has been an extremely important activity in my family for generations.  Please, please help keep all avenues open so this wholesome endeavor can be passed on to all future generations.
Richard W.
I have four young grandsons that I am sure will follow in my footsteps and (hopefully) will be excellent, conservative salt water fishermen.  Lets save a place for these young guys.
Jerry B.
Thank you for your previous and continued support of Texas anglers.
Jason P.
Your support and defense of recreational angling is greatly appreciated. As you rightly noted in your letter to Secretary Gary Locke, catch shares are a potential threat to the public's access to public resources. Your continued support will help ensure that fisheries remain open to all Texans.
Herbert M.
Being a life long resident of South Texas, I have seen firsthand the detrimental effects of over fishing by commercial interests on the Gulf Coast. Yet whenever a resource needs protection or stabilization, the first to lose use access to that resource is the recreational angler. There are a lot more sportsman conservationists than there are commercial fisherman and we sportsmen need to do a better job of making our voices heard.
Allen S.
I appreciate the work you are doing Governor Perry.  I am a supporter of yours and wish you all the best in your re-election bid. Thank you for all of your service on behalf of the state of Texas and support of recreational sportsmen.  Let's go fishing someday!
Forrest T.
You did the "right" thing and I appreciate it. We recreational fishermen are a major financial contributor to businesses along the coast and throughout the state.  Please do not forget about our contributions and our right to share in the limited aquatic resources. 
Jimmy R.
The truth be known, if it wasn't for CCA's efforts to sustain fish stocks, improve their habitat, fishing guides and commercial fishermen would be out of business.
Bill D.
Thank you for keeping a family American tradition going for all the future generations.
Betty B.
I am thankful Texas has a governor that cares about the individual.
Paul S.
Please keep CCA informed of what we can do to support you in this effort. Gig 'em!
Weems T.
My dad started taking me fishing when I was 8 years old. He never owned a boat but we fished Rollover Pass and every pier and jetty on the Texas coast. I am grown now and have had several boats and still fish the Texas coast. I hope with your help I will be able to do so for years to come.
Michael G.
We're backing you 100%
Robin S.
You will get my vote because you are doing the right thing for the people of the Great State of Texas.
Ronnie B.
I am an avid recreational angler in Dallas, Texas. I spend as much of my vacation time as possible with family and friends fishing the waters of the Gulf of Mexico recreationally. I appreciate the efforts you are doing to prevent recreational fishermen from being squeezed off the water..
Han P.
I was raised on the coast and I have grown up fishing and hunting in the bays of Galveston.  I cherish every second I am able to get outside and enjoy our great fishery.  I also want my future children, and other fisherman to enjoy the great outdoors.
Erik C.
I certainly appreciate your stance on this issue and hope you will continue with your efforts to protect recreational fishing.
Lester L.
The value of a vital recreational fishery to the State of Texas is not to be underestimated.  Thank you for your firm support.
Cletus D.
I have a large investment in my equipment. Recreational fishermen like myself spend a large amount of money that goes to our local economy in the Houston-Galveston Area.
Adrian G.
I am excited to see that those with offices such as yours are committed to the goals of the CCA. The rights of recreational fishermen is an important interest to me personally and i thank you for your support. I believe you have just gained a vote for governor just for your belief in this one issue.
William P.
Thank you so much for your leadership and consideration. I am sure your efforts will not be forgotten within our community, and they will most certainly will be passed along from one to another and beyond the boundaries of your fair state. I do not reside in your state, but I can't wait to donate to your campaign as you have represented my interest from afar ..... thanks again.
Lyle T.
As a recent retiree, and recreational fisherman out of Venice LA; (reside in Gonzales) I very much appreciate your taking the action of participating in the  four governors' letter to the "Feds" challenging catch shares and voicing for participative action including the states. This year, I personally spent over $65,000 on a new boat and supplies, and annually spend about $12,000 on salt water fishing. I know recreational fishing has positive economic impact!
Joseph C.
From one fisherman (fisherwoman) that fishes the coastal waters from south Louisiana and Texas, to south. Florida, I want to say thank you for standing up for our rights. The states of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Alabama are lucky to have officials like you who look out for our interests! If only Florida could find someone who would stand with you all.......As a former Florida resident, and now a resident of LA, I am proud to say that Bobby Jindal is MY Governor!!!!
Jamie M.
There is more to the outdoors than just trees. Coastal Mississippi is blessed with one of the hidden secrets for sportsmen from all over Mississippi to enjoy.  I am from Hattiesburg and raised my three  children on the weekends at  Pearlington, Mississippi. We were blessed back in 1987 to acquire a camp on the Pearl River. Boating, swimming and fishing was a daily activity for the family. Fishing was a passion for the entire family. It held the family together. I took the kids fishing so I wouldn't to be fishing for my kids. Katrina flattened our camp but this summer we were able to put some of the pieces back together. Life is getting back to normal. Your effort has made a difference. Please continue to work for CCA and Mississippi sportsmen. Thank you for stepping up for the sportsmen of Mississippi. I am a Lifetime Member of Coastal Conservation. CCA and your supports has enabled family to spend time together. It has enabled families to be families away from computers, TV's and the street elements. Keep it up.
Claude S.
I am a recreational fisherman and I am only able to go offshore 4 or 5 times a year, but my Dad and me absolutely love the time together. Grouping recreational fishermen together with commercial fishermen is wrong. We have to follow ever more stringent rules and regulations that seem to penalize us. Thanks very much for helping us in this matter, we need someone with authority to stand up for us. I think that you are doing a wonderful job and would like to see you on the Presidential ballot one day, although I would also hate to see you leave the Governorship in Louisiana. We need someone of your integrity to help keep Louisiana on the right path.
Mark Y.
I am so glad we have an intelligent governor who can see through the BS. Keep up your support for sport fisheries and I'll vote for you again next time, too.
Matthew H.
I cannot tell you how much we fishermen appreciate your help.
Arthur F.
As a citizen of Mississippi, I was extremely proud of your support for and recognition of the importance of recreational angling in Mississippi and throughout the Gulf and nation. Your willingness to serve as the Vice-Chair of the Governors Sportsmen's Caucus, formed while the group met in Biloxi, demonstrated your commitment to the importance of sportsmen's endeavors. Stick with your position - you will be challenged but your position and our cause in protecting marine resources and recreational angling are important now and for future generations. You have received my vote twice and my hope is that you have future contributions to make to governance in this state or country. We need the kind of level-headed leadership we have come to recognize in you.
Kathy E.
Thank you for your support of recreational fishing.  The future of fishing is to strengthen recreation access not marginalize the recreational fisherman.  Commercial hunting was stopped because the species could not sustain the harvest, and more importantly, the commercial sector will not limit their harvest.  Only recreational fisherman voluntarily control their harvest for the good of the resource. We hope to have your continued support and thank you again.
Karl M.
I am proud of you for realizing the fiscal and recreational aspect of our states anglers. I have always supported conservation through education and practiced this using the guidelines set by our state's Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. You are standing up for me and our state's future by voicing your opposition to catch shares with the other gulf coast governors. For this I am appreciative for your actions.
Joey R.
There are Coastal Conservation Association Mississippi members across the state who support and appreciate your action.
Mike S.
Please stay engaged on this issue on behalf of Louisiana's recreational fishermen as well as those of us who thoroughly enjoy travelling to your great state to fish and enjoy your natural resources.
Ben K.
While I am not from Louisiana, I do wish we had Governors in California that voiced more support for us private fisherman.
Scott L.
It really means a lot to us that the leader of our state is standing behind us and fighting for us!! I really appreciate it Mr. Governor, you have my vote next go round! Keep up the good work!!
Brennan B.
As a Lifetime member of CCA and State Board Member, I would like to personally thank you for your continued commitment to recreational fishermen.
Ros S
I have been fishing since I was 3 and I am now 62.  I have seen terrible management and destruction in my life.  Please continue to help people like me.  I also voted for you and think you are doing a terrific job.
Mike N. 
I recently heard that you have signed on with a trio of other Governors to help support the rights of recreational anglers in the Gulf of Mexico. I would like to thank you for doing this. I am an eighteen-year-old student at Rice University, one who has been fishing his entire life. I have lost track of the number of times I have fished in the gulf, both on the beach, and in a private boat. No matter what, my family and I were guaranteed to have a good time. I won't pretend to understand everything about the repercussions of catch-share programs. All I know, and need to know, is that they are going to push the common angler, the one who fishes for fun, and maybe a bit of fresh fish for the table, off of our waters. No matter what is said, that is wrong.
Thank you for supporting the common angler over the great fisheries in this legislation. We on the water salute you for what you have done. I would urge you to continue with this. We of the CCA stand by you all the way. Thank you.
Hedrick B.
Many here on the coast, including myself, have been fighting the Government's implementation of Catch Share.  I feel that I, as an American, have the same rights to America's fish as any commercial fisherman. Mississippi's economic benefits from recreational fisherman is 10 times that of the commercial industry.  In this economic environment I would hope the state would support the industry (sport fishing) that benefits the state the most.
Dan V.
I have been a sportsman in this state since I was able to hold a pole or shoulder a weapon.  My ability to enjoy the region's natural wonders is very high on my list of concerns. I truly appreciate your efforts to preserve our rights, traditions, and way of life.
Brandon E.
I have fished offshore of Louisiana for nearly 40 years.  In that time I have seen the near depletion of several fish stocks, including red fish. As long as commercial interest have a hand in fisheries management, the long term decision process and allocation issues will be skewed.
Woody C.
Thanks for being a true Sportsman's friend!
Guy B.
 As a long time citizen of Louisiana and an avid sportsman,  I am proud to have you serving as the governor of our proud state. I would also support you in a bid for President of the USA.  We need a man who will stick to his guns and not be afraid to stand up for what is right.
Woody R.
You are doing a Great Job for Louisiana.  Happy holidays to you and yours.
David M.
As a casual fisherman, thank you Gov., for the position you have taken against this Federal Government intervention. God bless.
Don C.
It seems we are way behind on these issues. Please be a crusader for what is right for the ordinary citizen. Recreational fishing provides people a time to clear their head of today's pressures and also provide a great meal ,if your lucky enough to catch some. If you have the power, put together a strong coalition and get us back our rights our forefather's gave us.
Gerry B.
I am a senior citizen and fishing the marshes and coastal areas of Louisiana is my main source of recreational enjoyment. Thank you for helping keep a great sport and recreational outlet accessible to the public.
Johnny F.
Thank you for supporting Louisiana Sportsmen, women, and children. After all, Louisiana IS the Sportsman's Paradise. I know that you will never let us down. 
George D.
I am a freshman at LSU, and I absolutely love to fish.  I have the utmost respect for you.  You have done incredible things for our state even in these tough times. Unfortunately, many people in positions of power do not stand up for whom they represent. I just wanted to thank you for supporting fishermen like myself.
Scott S
Keep up the good work.
Charles F.
As a grandmother of young anglers I am concerned that their new found love of fishing is in jeopardy. We, as Louisiana fishermen and women, have been blessed with a legacy that we want to be passed to future generations. The toothless grin of a young one with the catch of the day is priceless. Louisiana is not ready to give up their legacy.
We believe in you and know that you will help us in our plight to keep recreational fishing as we know it for generations to come.
Celine M.
This is not what we in Louisiana want to experience.  The politicians in Washington are at it again, healthcare, recreational fishing, it won't be long before they will try and regulate our bowel movements and then tax them. 
James P.
 We deeply appreciate your support of recreational anglers by your informing the Secretary of Commerce of the economic magnitude that this group of sportsmen impact on the Gulf States. Catch Shares imposed on recreational fishermen is an infringement of the public's right to access to the abundant public natural resources. We thank you for your effort and kindly request that you continue the fight for us on this issue.
Sam M.
 Thank you for your support of recreational fishing. All of our children need the same fisheries that we had as children growing up in Louisiana and other gulf coast states.
Uray P.
I want to personally thank you for signing the letter to Commerce Secretary Locke voicing your concern about the negative economic impact that implementing Catch Shares in Gulf of Mexico waters will cause. Thanks again for all you do for CCA and other organizations that support responsible stewardship of Louisiana's natural resources.
Chris H.
The more we stand up and fight the better the future will be for our children to enjoy our lovely outdoors. I hope my children will get the chance to fish and hunt as I have, once again thanks for fighting for sportsman.
John P. 
Please keep up the good work you and your staff are doing.
Robert H.
Again thanks for all you do.
Willie H.
Governor, I am a registered Republican that supported you in the previous election for many reasons. To date you have not disappointed me or any of my associates in my personal and professional life. Thanks for your support of the sportsman of our state and the privileges afforded to us. Your efforts related to catch shares program is greatly appreciated.
Vincent E.
The Catch Shares issue has been a growing concern for many of us Gulf Coast fishermen and I am grateful for the fact that you are representing us. We truly appreciate what you have done and hope to see some positive results become of this.
Sam Y.
I wish you and your family the best of the upcoming holidays and a healthy prosperous new year. Many thanks for your service to the state of Louisiana.
John T.
Your recent endorsement of a Louisiana tradition-recreational fishing is greatly appreciated.
Robert B
I cannot thank you enough Gov. Jindal for standing up in support of recreational anglers & sportsman. Our investment & contribution of millions of dollars in revenue each year towards jobs, businesses & other venues associated with our sport, should & needs to be protected. I applaud your efforts & sincerely hope for your continued support. Your are a great leader for the state of Louisiana & an example for others to follow.
Chuck M.
I personally thank you and thank you for our children's future access to the wonderful bounty in the sea.
Christopher S.
My wife, kids, & I thank you!!!
Jon T.
I would first like to say you have lived up to your promise.  This is something that every angler and hunter can appreciate.  We are a rare but hopefully not a dying breed of honest hard-working people who love the outdoors and all sports involved with the outdoors.
John E. 
As an owner of a business in the State of Louisiana that sells recreational fishing boats, I am deeply pleased that you are taking the time to look after citizens and business owners in the state. Your actions on this matter and on other decisions you have made affirm the reasons that I voted for you and ensure that you will have my vote in the future.
Eric H.
My husband and I have always supported you and have been thrilled to have you as governor of our state.  We appreciate the good work you are doing on many fronts, including economic development. Again, we appreciate your support of recreational fishing and want you to know that you can count on our support of your agenda in the future.
Barbara M.
Thank you standing up for recreational angling and ensuring that anglers have a place in federal fisheries now and in the future. Personally, I dedicate lots of time and money in the sport of recreational fishing. My son and daughter have already recorded many, many hours of priceless quality time while fishing with both me and their mother. As you move forward, recall that not only does recreational fishing create a large positive impact, but it creates ample opportunity for quality family time for the citizenry as well. Thank you.
Craig G.
Your support of the recreational fishermen of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast are greatly appreciated and I wish to thank for your much needed support in this matter.
Roger B.
I would like to thank you for supporting the recreational fishing population against federal "share catch" regulation.  Please be assured you will, as in the past, continue to have the support of my family.  Thanks also for being a governor we can finally be proud of to represent the state. 
Dyra H.
 I know you have plenty of topics to address on a daily basis, but you should know that the sportsmen of Louisiana are appreciative of your recent decision to support our recreational fishing industry. Keep up the good work.
Mike M
As a lifelong resident of South Louisiana and recreational angler, I want to thank you and confirm my support for you and your efforts to better Louisiana. Thank you for standing up for recreational angling and ensuring that anglers have a place in federal fisheries now and in the future. As you rightly noted in your letter, catch shares are a potential threat to the public's access to public resources. God Bless you and your family.
Charles C.
When my son graduated from high school several years ago, I didn't buy him an expensive gift, only for it to be forgotten or worn out over the years.   I took him saltwater fishing offshore.  Now, he has a memory he'll never lose.  It meant so much to him, he wants to be able to do the same for his children.  It seems that his wish is now being threatened. So, I'm thanking you standing up for recreational angling and ensuring that anglers have a place in federal fisheries now and in the future.
Nicholas P.
I've already been affected by some of these new policies and closures, two being  red snapper and amberjack. The direction that we are headed is very disturbing. I'm a boat and a camp owner in south Louisiana and I believe that further closures and fisheries limitations will have a negative impact economically to our state. We are just realizing many improvements to community around Venice, La. with citizens and municipalities rebuilding structures, camps and businesses. Lets keep engaged because we have some of the world's most precious fisheries in our backyard. I would again like to thank you and the other gulf coast governors for your efforts and encourage you to please stay engaged on this issue and similar ones on behalf of Louisiana's recreational fishermen.
Robert C.
Fishing has been my passion my entire life.  It is a great way to spend time with my family and friends.  Most of my greatest memories have come from fishing trips.  As a recreational fisherman I spend a lot of money each year on this sport.  I cannot understand how this could be taken away from me so that others can make a profit. This is an important issue for me and I would like generations after me to enjoy what I have.
Kenny L.
Fishing and our great outdoors activities are the factors that help make Louisiana the Sportsman's Paradise. We are blessed to have a governor who understands and supports his people.
Fred S.
 I am a proud father of two and a son and grandson of great sportsman alike.  I was taught to respect the water and habitants of it, which I do.  As a recreational angler and farther I need to know that the fight against catch share programs will be strongly backed by our elected officials.  Thanks for your effort.
David H.
 We will continue to pray for you as you stand strong representing the "people".  It seems as though the "we the people" still have a few good men fighting our causes.
Terry S. 
I am expecting my first grandchild in March 2010 and my second grandchild in June 2010, I am so looking forward to sharing the wonderful experiences that are shared by fishing with them. I want to teach them everything that I know about fresh water and saltwater fishing, so that their chances of catching fish all throughout their lifetime is a real possibility. So, that's why I want to thank you standing up for recreational angling and ensuring that anglers have a place in federal fisheries now and in the future. I am glad that you understand the importance of the private recreational fisherman and fisherwomen. Please keep fighting for us!
Charlotte P.
 Thank you for your support for CCA Louisiana and Louisiana's recreational fishermen and fisherwomen.  Together we can continue to make a difference and ensure rational debate of important economic and ecological issues.
Keith L.
You really did the right thing here. I been fishing recreationally in Louisiana coastal marshes since I could walk.  And it feels good to know someday I can take my kids out and do the same.  Now I am 27 yrs old, and I have a masters degree from LSU.  I take my nephew out fishing all the time and its an unmatched thing to see the look on his face and the excitement he gets when hooking up to a nice trout or better yet redfish. Once again, thank you for fighting the good fight. A lot of people are on your side, more than you'd ever know!
Edward B.
 I have taken my Grandson to the coast to fish since he was 4 years old. He is almost  12. When he was five years old, he looked up as we were fishing and said, Grammy, we are making memories today. That has stayed with me as we continue to make memories together fishing along the coast. Thank you for help in this so that he and his son in the future can have the same opportunity to make memories as Jared and I have. 
Marie J. 
We truly thank you for your support.  Even though I live in Florida it is nice to have someone supporting the recreational fishermen.
Skip H.
Thank you standing up for the people of your state. You are a fine example of a governor.
Michael N.
As a Floridian and fellow Gulf fisherman I am very concerned about the direction our fishery is headed. Thank you and our Senator LeMieux for your efforts to support the recreational fishery!
Richard T.
It's good to see an elected official stand up for what is right! You can go fishing with me and my grandchildren any time!
Anthony M.
I have been in conservation issues since the early 80's.  I am a strong advocate of things must be addressed and not allowed to get to the point it is a useless fight.  Your position will send a clear message that we will be active early and not allow this to get to the point it can not be fixed.  Thank you for your stance.
Robert B.
Thank you for supporting the recreational fishermen. Catch shares will adversely affect all aspects of recreational fisheries - marinas, tackle and boat retailers, etc. Please continue to support the recreational fishing industry.
Dan D.


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