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CCA Florida STAR has its first official winner

Lucky angler in Cockroach Bay takes home 2015 GMC truck
Posted on May 28, 2015

Oregon Senate Confirms Bruce Buckmaster to Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission Seat

Posted on May 22, 2015

Today, by a 18-12 vote the Oregon Senate confirmed Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s appointment of Bruce Buckmaster to a four-year term on the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission (Commission).  The appointment of Buckmaster, a long time Astoria resident and devoted advocate for Columbia River commercial gillnetting, drew the united opposition of the recreational fishing community and the ire of members of the environmental community.

Phil Dyskow Becomes Legacy Lifetime Member of the Coastal Conservation Association California

Yamaha Marine Immediate Past President Continues Advocacy Efforts on Behalf of U.S. Boaters and Anglers
Posted on May 12, 2015

Yamaha Marine Group announced today that Immediate Past President, Phil Dyskow, was recently named a legacy lifetime member of the newly formed Coastal Conservation Association (CCA®) California.  The appointment is a testament to Dyskow’s continued efforts to fight for the rights of U.S. recreational angler and boaters.

Menhaden Management Board moves to increase harvest

Anglers cautiously optimistic management still moving in right direction
Posted on May 06, 2015

Lost opportunity for state management of red snapper

House Committee member helps derail state management amendment
Posted on May 04, 2015

Legislation Advances to Benefit Saltwater Recreational Fishing

House Natural Resources Committee approves Magnuson-Stevens Act reauthorization bill
Posted on May 01, 2015

Leaders in the recreational fishing and boating community yesterday highlighted the progress in elevating the importance of saltwater recreational fishing in the nation’s primary law governing marine fisheries management. The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Natural Resources yesterday approved a bill sponsored by Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska), H.R. 1335, to reauthorize the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA), which addresses top priorities of the recreational fishing community.

Letter to Gulf Governors from Bass Pro Shop CEO

Posted on April 29, 2015

Not another flawed federal experiment

Posted on April 28, 2015

The comment period has closed on the State of Mississippi’s application for an Exempted Fishing Permit (EFP) to allow its for-hire fleet to harvest 30,000 pounds of breeder-sized red drum over the next two years. Thousands of comments in opposition were sent by CCA members and yet it would be no surprise if NOAA Fisheries ends up approving the permit. NOAA has the sole authority to approve or deny permits like this, and NOAA rarely meets an Exempted Fishing Permit it doesn’t like. That is why CCA and other groups are promoting revisions to federal law that require more strict scientific oversight of these applications, which are often cloaked in the guise of “scientific research” but ultimately only serve to promote the welfare of one special interest group or another.

Lafourche Parish School Kids help build Floating Islands Restoration Project near Grand Isle

Posted on April 23, 2015

Close to 100 Lafourche Parish school students and dozens of volunteers helped build the Floating Islands Restoration Project off of Highway 1 near Grand Isle on Friday.

CCA files lawsuit to stop sector separation

Legal challenge follows Commerce approval of controversial red snapper management scheme
Posted on April 22, 2015

Coastal Conservation Association announced today that it has filed a lawsuit against implementation of Amendment 40 to the Fishery Management Plan for the Reef Fish Resources of the Gulf of Mexico. Also known as “sector separation,” the amendment is a highly controversial management plan for red snapper that takes a significant percentage of the recreational quota and reserves it solely for use by the charter/for-hire industry.