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'Game Fish' Bill Pits Commercial Fishermen vs. Recreational

Sponsors say several species more valuable to weekend anglers than those who fish for a living
Posted on August 09, 2011

RALEIGH--Red drum, spotted sea trout, and striped bass could be taken off the menu and off the market if a bill designating the three fish "game fish" becomes law. The law would make the species off-limits to commerical fishermen and consumers in order to preserve them for sports fishermen. 

North Carolina considers limits on commercial fishing

Posted on August 09, 2011

A North Carolina bill would make red drum, spotted sea trout and striped bass off limits to commercial fishermen in order to preserve them for sport fishermen.

Fish farm breakthrough that could save the bluefin

Posted on August 08, 2011

The prospect of farming the endangered bluefin tuna from eggs to fully mature adults has come a step closer with the first natural mass spawning of the species in captivity.

Holding the line on poaching

Our view: Tough new rules on commercial fishing under review by state regulators could ensure future of rockfish in Maryland waters — and on dinner plates
Posted on August 08, 2011

With Baltimore in the midst of Restaurant Week, there are probably many happily dining on rockfish these days, and rightly so. Rockfish (more commonly known as striped bass) represent one of the Chesapeake Bay's most treasured bounties, both a worthy challenge to anglers and a delight on the dinner plate.

USS Radford's Sinking Could Be Delayed Again

Posted on August 07, 2011

The Atlantic coast will soon have the largest artificial reef of its kind when the 563-foot USS Radford is sunk 30 miles off the coast of Ocean City Md., but the big event is in jeopardy of being delayed for the second time in as many weeks.

Menhaden management moves up the food chain

ASMFC votes to give public its say on menhaden
Posted on August 04, 2011

Menhaden management has long been a sore point among conservationists as intense commercial harvest of the species in the Chesapeake Bay has added to factors believed to be negatively impacting striped bass and other gamefish all along the East Coast. The primary industrial harvester of Atlantic menhaden, Omega Protein, has never had its harvest effectively restricted and stands as one of the very few commercial fishing operations in the country to successfully avoid management measures that might impact its bottom line.

Why Fuglvog matters to America

Posted on August 04, 2011

Many in Alaska would like to believe the outlaw Arne Fuglvog -- an aide to Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, this week exposed as a fish pirate -- is an aberration. Since statehood in 1959, residents have prided themselves on the management of complex, mixed-stock Alaska fisheries. 

ASMFC takes historic 1st step to protect menhaden

Posted on August 03, 2011

“Now, the hard work begins.”

That was the assessment of Lynn Fegley, a Maryland fisheries biologist just moments after the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission voted overwhelmingly last night to send a suite of options to protect menhaden and rebuild the population out for public comment.

There you go again…

Posted on August 01, 2011

It is more of the same from the Pew Environment Group. The message below making the rounds in DC has all the hallmarks of the environmental community’s overall approach to marine resource management.

Sappi starts work on fish ladder

When completed, fish will be able to pass through its dam for the first time in more than 100 years.
Posted on July 29, 2011

WESTBROOK - The orange cones, neon vests and construction crane that can be seen from Cumberland Street might have little significance to most people driving by the Sappi Fine Paper mill.