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Environmental group calls Sen. Bill Nelson's red snapper bill 'serious setback'

Posted on July 15, 2010

An environmental group Thursday sharply criticized legislation by Sen. Bill Nelson that would delay plans to scale back South Atlantic red snapper fishing.

The following is Senator Bill Nelson's floor statement on the Fishery Conservation Transition Act, filed on July 15, 2010

Posted on July 15, 2010

S. 3594. A bill to amend the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act to mitigate the economic impact of the transition to sustainable fisheries on fishing communities, and for other purposes; to the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.

Sportfishing Community Applauds Legislation to Improve Federal Marine Fisheries Management System

Legislation introduces measures to address management deficiencies and prevent precipitous, massive fisheries closures
Posted on July 15, 2010

Today, Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) introduced legislation designed to safeguard the strong conservation standards of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA) while addressing a growing crisis within the federal marine fisheries management system.  

CCA Position on Amendment 17A to the SAFMC Snapper Grouper Fishery Management Plan

South Atlantic Fishery Management Council Meeting in Orlando, Florida
Posted on July 07, 2010

At this point, CCA does not support the adoption of any of the proposed bottom closures in Amendment 17A. We do not believe it is reasonable to support any of the alternatives currently before this Council until the results of the assessment currently underway have been released and are fully analyzed.

Council appointments a step forward for anglers

Recreational appointments shift Gulf Council closer to balance
Posted on June 24, 2010

The 2010 regional fishery management council appointments released yesterday by the U.S. Department of Commerce gave an indication that federal officials are paying attention to the concerns of recreational anglers. One of the key issues voiced by anglers at the Recreational Fishing Summit hosted by NOAA Fisheries in April was a need for balanced representation on the councils, and appointments made to the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council yesterday are a solid step in the right direction.

Mapping a Road to Recovery

Habitat restoration focus of CCA presentation to Senate Democrats
Posted on June 24, 2010

CCA meeting with Senate Democrats emphasizes need for habitat restoration.

CCA outlines plans for oil spill recovery in meeting with Sen. Richard Shelby

Meeting with Sen. Richard Shelby seeks support for habitat restoration, hatchery
Posted on June 21, 2010

In a meeting with U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL), Coastal Conservation Association Alabama called on BP and the federal government to support plans for habitat restoration and construction of a saltwater fish hatchery/research center to reverse damages to Gulf marine resources as quickly as possible.

Gulf Council clears way for extension of red snapper season

Emergency rule gives option for longer season if quota not taken due to oil spill
Posted on June 17, 2010

GULFPORT, MS - In response to a request from Coastal Conservation Association, the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council has approved an emergency rule that paves the way for the recreational red snapper season to remain open past July 24 if the quota is not taken due to the oil spill. Dr. Russell Nelson, CCA’s Gulf Fisheries Director, made the request for the impact of the oil spill to be taken into account during the Council’s meeting this week in Gulfport, Mississippi.

CCA Formal Comments on Addendum II to Amendment 6 of the ASMFC Striped Bass Fishery Management Plan

Posted on June 15, 2010

Read full plan here

CCA position on Amendment 17A

Posted on June 09, 2010

At this point, CCA does not support the adoption of any of the proposed regulatory changes in Amendment 17A.  CCA calls for additional review of the science before making any additional management changes.