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Anglers Cautiously Optimistic After Recreational Fishing Summit

CCA participants hope to see results after meeting with NOAA Fisheries
Posted on April 21, 2010

Outdoorsmen were out in force at the nation’s capital last week as two events in Washington DC were dedicated to how this country manages its wild and natural resources.

CCA Comments on Proposed Gulf Red Snapper Management Measures

Posted on April 14, 2010

Collaborative Letter on Reallocation in the Catch Share Policy

Posted on April 09, 2010

The final catch share policy should provide for reallocations and inter-sector trading that would, consistent with the requirements of the MSA, promote conservation and accountability. As proposed, the draft catch share policy was silent as to whether the Councils should consider out-of-date underlying allocations between sectors during the development phase of a new catch share plan.

EDF raises stakes in catch share lawsuit

Environmental Defense Fund intervenes to thwart CCA catch share lawsuit
Posted on April 09, 2010

Seeking to defend a controversial catch share program for Gulf grouper, the Environmental Defense Fund has been allowed to intervene in a lawsuit filed by Coastal Conservation Association in federal district court that challenges the adoption and implementation of Amendment 29 to the Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Management Plan.

Fed reps target faulty science on catch limits

Lawmakers say bureaucracy, bad science, behind problems with catch-share system
Posted on April 05, 2010

The emergency economic opportunity program for New England commercial fishing industry sent to the Obama administration by seven members of Congress asks for common sense executive action to break through bureaucratic knots and dubious science that are causing what was described as unnecessary job loss within the fishing industry.

Fish allocations seen opening door to lawsuit

Posted on April 01, 2010

The Obama administration has rejected a challenge to the legality and fairness of the 2009 New England Fishery Management Council votes that created an unlevel playing field in the allocation of fishermen's catch shares.

Obama Admin Jumps to Squelch Rumors of U.S. Fishing Ban

Posted on March 11, 2010

The Obama administration is trying to dash rumors that it planned to ban recreational fishing in marine waters and the Great Lakes in the wake of a series of Internet posts warning that such a prohibition was imminent.

Congressional panel wades into 'catch share' debate

Posted on March 11, 2010

A congressional subcommittee has called for the first public airing before federal lawmakers of the Obama administration's nationwide push for the kind of "catch share" fisheries management that's due for a May 1 launch in New England.

McCollum Letter Requesting More Money to Collect Better Data on Recreational Angling

Posted on March 10, 2010

Read full letter here

CCA Comments to NOAA Fisheries Service Opposing Haugen Exempted Fishing Permit

Posted on March 08, 2010

Coastal Conservation Association believes the enforcement issue alone should be a permanent deterrent to the reintroduction of any fish trap gear in the Gulf of Mexico and urges NOAA Fisheries Service to reject this application for an exempted fishing permit.