Quiz Answers

1. FALSE - Sharks do not purposely target humans for food.

2. TRUE - Sharks keep many species from becoming overpopulated by eating them and keeping their numbers in check.

3. TRUE - Sharks sink when they stop swimming because they lack a swim bladder (the organ that keeps bony fish afloat).

4. FALSE - Shark skin is covered with tiny scales called denticles that give the skin a rough sandpapery feel.

5. FALSE - Many sharks take up to fifteen years to reach child-bearing age and then only produce one pup a year.

6. FALSE - Every time a shark bites, some teeth are lost. They have many rows of teeth and new ones move forward to replace the lost teeth.

7. TRUE - The cruel practice of shark finning must be stopped or we may not have sharks in our oceans 30 years fom now.