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TAKE ACTION: Your chance to weigh in on E15 debate

Our partners at the National Marine Manufacturers Association are deeply engaged on the impacts of E15 on marine motors and we wanted to give our membership the opportunity to make their voice heard on this important issue.

Do you want more fuel that destroys your engine? Of course not.
Unfortunately, the administration is planning to expand the sale of fuel with 15% ethanol – known as E15 – year-round, which will needlessly put 142 million American boaters in danger.
We need your help to tell Congress and the administration that expanding E15 sales is reckless.
Small engines – like those in boats, lawn mowers, and motorcycles – can only use fuel with 10% ethanol or lower. Anything higher, like E15, corrodes these engines, putting you and your boat at risk.
Click here to tell Congress and the administration to oppose expanding E15 sales and support consumer safety. We’ve provided a draft message to make it easy!