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November/December 2014



12  Unexpected Visitors — Groundbreaking research by the innovative research team at OCEARCH reveals a surprise summer-time visit to the Gulf of Mexico by two famous great white sharks. – By Chester Moore, Jr.

18  A League of Its Own — The only thing keeping North Carolina from achieving legendary fishing status is the continued presence of gill nets in state waters. – By David Sneed

24  The Raw Ingredients of Texas Wadefishing — Fall and early winter offer some of the best times of the year for wadefishing Texas flats and shorelines for speckled trout and redfish. – By Patrick Murray
30  Let It Rain —  While the typical weather patterns of Forks, Washington may not be optimal from a human’s perspective, for a salmon they couldn't be better. – By Anil Srivastava

36  Double Trouble —  Under the right circumstances and with a little know-how, a tandem rig can present a variety of options for the savvy angler to find success. – By Joe Doggett

41  Bionic Bass — An incredible shallow-water gag grouper fishery along Florida’s central Gulf coast can produce a topwater bite that you have to see to believe. – By Capt. Dave Lear

45  Chesapeake Changeup — For those fishing the lower Chesapeake Bay region, it is wise to have a flexible game plan at this time of year. – By Charlie Coates

50  Oysters in New York Harbor Get A Boost – A visionary effort aims to restore a billion live oysters to New York Harbor and revitalize a once-prolific estuary.



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