By Ryan Towns – Assistant Director, CCA Texas STAR

I encourage you to put yourself into the mind of these redfish. For example, ask yourself these types of questions: What do they like? What kind of structure holds these fish? Is there bait nearby? Am I throwing what they like? Is my spot blown-out from the wind and, if so, where else might I fish today? All these factors play a huge role in targeting redfish.

When I am fishing, my eyes are constantly scanning the water for any little detail or advantage I can gain. Keep your head on a swivel. Whether it is a mullet jumping or birds on the water, nature provides a lot of clues to locate redfish. I find I have the most success when I lay out a game plan for myself and stick to it.

If they are biting on top, I love using a Heddon One Knocker Spook when fishing potholes or a grass line. If the bite is down low, switch to a Trout Support with a 1/8 oz. Lazer Trokar Magnum weighted swimbait hook, Texas Custom Double D Bone Diamond, or a Fat Boy. Most importantly, have confidence in what you’re throwing. This is critical to becoming a better angler.

As y’all know, even with the best game plan there is always going to be a caveat: the unknown. And it’s how you adapt to the unknown that will help determine your success in tracking these coveted redfish.