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The mission of ReleaSense is to advance the traditional role of anglers as leaders in fisheries conservation.

What Is ReleaSense?

The ReleaSense initiative provides a platform for anglers, industry, and resource managers to share information regarding the best catch and release practices for many prized sportfish species. ReleaSense will provide an expanding series of catch and release instructional videos, as well as interviews with leaders in the recreational fishing industry, fisheries managers, and expert anglers from across North America. Increasing awareness of this information will improve survival rates of released fish ensuring healthy and sustainable populations of harvestable fish for the future.

Visit the official ReleaSense website for release videos, research, and more information.


Develop sensible recreational fishing principles that promote healthy and sustainable sportfish populations

Promote the best catch-and-release practices supported by sound science

Build partnerships with anglers and industry that allow for efficient access to information that maximizes fish survival and promotes conservation of our sportfish resources

It Starts With You

Anglers are the backbone of fisheries conservation. History has shown that angler-based conservation efforts like catch and release can benefit many fisheries. However, modern research indicates that sportfish species respond differently to certain factors like hooking location, fight time, and handling methods. ReleaSense wants to educate anglers about these factors and the methods that mitigate their impact on post-release survival.

United in Conservation

ReleaSense represents an idealized partnership among industry, conservation groups, and cutting edge science.