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Golden Opportunities
Text and Photo by Spud Woodward
The Central coast is a gateway to great saltwater fishing.
For about 4,500 years, the indigenous peoples living along Georgia’s coast survived off nature’s bounty – a bounty that is unimaginable to those of us living in the 21
st century.

Get Ready to Rumble
Text and Photo by Pat Hoglund
Five tactics to get into a brawl with a chum salmon this fall.

Pound for pound chum salmon are one of the hardest-hitting, hardest-fighting salmon that swim.

Gallery Feature – David J. Sams
In comparison to the great oceans of the world, at only 500,000 square miles, the Gulf of Mexico is a mere drop in the saltwater bucket. David J. Sams, noted outdoor and environmental photojournalist , has captured the magic of that coastline in his book, ENGULFED, a photographic celebration of people, places and fish around the Gulf Coast.

The Unkept Secret of Texas Winter Wadefishing
Text and Photo by Patrick Murray
Gone are the days when Texas bays closed shop for the holiday season.

Catch, Cook, Eat.
Recipes from CCA’s kitchen to yours.

Three of our favorite recipes from 2018 TIDE issues and three new ones for you try at home!

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