TIDELINES: Georgia: CCA Members Help Create New Oyster Reefs

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CCA Members Help Create New Oyster Reefs

Early last summer, volunteers from the CCA Savannah Chapter bagged oysters from two oyster recycling sites in Savannah to create new marine habitat. Oysters were picked up from the Montgomery Crossroads site and brought to the Presidents Street oyster recycling site. With shovels, oyster bags, bagging sleeves, and elbow grease, the oysters were bagged and loaded onto CCA Georgia’s trailer to be used in oyster reef restoration in Georgia’s inshore waters next year.

Placed in the water next spring when there will be plenty of oyster spat in the water, the oyster shells will provide the perfect surface for the spat to attach and grow. The new oyster reefs will help to keep our waters clean, provide great habitat, and provide great fishing destinations for anglers. We hope to see more CCA members at oyster reefing events next year with shovel in hand. If you might be interested in helping to create habitat like this, reach out to your local CCA chapter, and for more information on the oyster shell recycling sites, visit CCAGA.org.

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