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July/August 2015


8  Palmetto State Mahi Mahi — Throughout the summer, dolphin are the most consistent of the offshore gamefish targeted by anglers off South Carolina. – By Phillip Gentry

12  Right Under Your Nose  — Catching big fish offshore doesn’t necessarily mean big gear, giant boats and long runs. There is plenty of opportunity within a handful of miles of dry sand. – By Doug Pike

16  Paddy Hopping —Kelp paddies are the key to California’s summer offshore angling scene, but finding these floating bait hotels is only one piece of the puzzle. – By Ali Hussainy
22  Costa Rica Calling — Don’t let the forecast fool you; Costa Rica’s fishing for sailfish, yellowfin and blue marlin sizzles in the “rainy season.” – By  Will Drost

28  Summers’s Playground — There are many ways to catch albacore off the Pacific Northwest coast and success comes from not only knowing the various techniques, but when to use them. – By Stan Brogdon

32  Lion Hunters — The State of Florida declares aquatic war against invasive lionfish and anglers have a critical part in the plans to eradicate this tasty menace. – By Capt. Dave Lear

40  Bluewater Bonanza — Nothing gets the adrenalin flowing like the rowdy pelagic species moving into Virginia waters from distant offshore winter homes. – By Charlie Coates 

62  RECIPE: Asian Lionfish Tostadas with Sesame Cucumber Salad and Wasabi Mayo


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