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September/October 2015


8 Conservation Corner: Catch and Release is Catching On - Anglers armed with new, cutting-edge tools are showing remarkably high survival rates for released fish in deeper waters. – By Dr. Greg Stunz

10 Back From the Brink – 30 years ago, fisheries biologists and anglers joined forces to change the course of history for Georgia’s red drum. – By Capt. Spud Woodward

16 Jacks Are Wild – Jacks may not be the most popular draw in the deck, but they deserve respect for their sheer tenacity, rod-busting power and ravenous appetites for lures, flies and bait. – By Capt. Dave Lear

20 Miracle in Puget Sound - The miraculous revival of pink salmon in Puget Sound presents a tremendous opportunity for anglers. – By Frank Haw

24 - Viva El Nino – El Nino ushers in unprecedented fishing in Southern California waters and the region’s long-range fleet lets anglers access it in comfort and style. – By Ali Hussainy

28 Fall Transition – The first puff of fall weather is the most anticipated event on any Gulf Coast fisherman’s calendar, signaling conditions both angler and fish could only dream about in August. – By Brian Holden

32 Extreme Kayaking - Driven by the urge to catch larger, hard-fighting species, many kayak anglers are entering the realm of the pelagics and they don’t have far to go. – By Chris Holmes





38 IN THE LAB – The Tale of the Scale

47 TIDE LINES – News from the CCA State Chapters

62 RECIPE Pecan-Crusted Trout with Honey Mustard Green Onion Sauce


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